Davenport is a non-profit student-run organization. We believe in keeping our prices as student friendly as possible, by selling our goods to you for what we pay for them!

A Brief History of Davenport

Davenport Coffee Lounge began in ’57 when the School of International Service was founded. The room is named after Fredrick M. Davenport (1866-1956) and was originally a chapel. When Kay Spiritual Center was completed, the Davenmort Memorial Room served more as a space for community building.

In the 1980s, after the Shah of Iran fell and other things in the world were amiss, SIS students found themselves lacking an appropriate space to sit, think, and discuss world affairs. The SIS student government decided to convert the Davenport Chapel into a Coffee Lounge, and the Davenport Memorial Room became the Davenport Coffee Lounge.

From making at most three pots of coffee a day and offering hot water for tea, Davenport has come a long way, now offering a diverse set of coffee and tea drinks as well as food and snacks

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Our Mission Statement

The Davenport Coffee Lounge located in the SIS building, is a non-profit student run organization, whose aim is to create a forum that enhances cross-cultural communication and forges bridges of understanding across communities in a friendly, harmonious and nurturing environment. Davenport brings students, faculty, staff and members of the community together in a unique and relaxing atmosphere where communication is facilitated, and ideas are exchanged in a friendly and constructive environment. The students are empowered to learn about service to the community, and the importance of caring and giving back. Teamwork, friendship, and cooperation are critical skills, which are transferred to the students, who in turn create compassion, loyalty, and commitment to serving the local and global community.

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